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About Us


I opened Achieve in 1997 with a leap and a prayer and not much else. My hope was to provide a place for families to go to receive high quality services, answers to their questions and hope for their child’s future. We have always strived to provide parents with a place that believed in their child’s unique gifts and believed in their dreams for their child. I would like to invite each and every one of you to share in this dream and to strive to make it a reality.  We have children from all walks of life with a wide variety of special needs. Some are sweet angels who hold their parent’s hand and sit quietly in a chair. Some are angels who constantly feel as if they need to fly. Some are angels who are happiest singing as loud as they can. All my angels have good days and bad so I invite each of you to support the other families with a smile, an empathetic nod or a reassuring pat on the arm.  My hero, my grandmother, always told me, “I try never to judge a man until I’ve walked a mile in his shoes. And since I’m sure his shoes wouldn’t fit me, I generally just choose to walk quietly beside him with my hand on his back.”

So, at Achieve, let us all walk beside each other in our times of need. We are all striving to see miracles occur here and while miracles may not occur everyday…you can bet that we will all be back to try again tomorrow!


Speech and language services available at Achieve for the following:


  • Autism
  • Verbal apraxia (Kaufman and PROMPT trained)
  • Fluency/stuttering (Advanced training through the Stuttering Foundation)
  • Phonological/Articulation
  • Swallowing/Feeding (SOS trained) 
  • Auditory processing
  • Voice disorders
  • Down Syndrome and other congenital disorders
  • Social language disorders


Occupational therapy services offered at Achieve include treatment to address:


  • All subtypes of Sensory Processing Disorder using a sensory integrative approach to treatment including intervention and educational techniques like Therapeutic Listening, "The Alert Program for Self-Regulation: How Does Your Engine Run?", movement activities to address visual, vestibular, tactile, and proprioceptive processing, oral motor strategies, and individualized Sensory Diets for home, school, and community
  • Motor planning and postural disorders using movement approaches like Brain Gym, Yoga for children, and intensive core strengthening programs.
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor skills
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Self-care skills and activities of daily living
  • Handwriting and handwriting difficulties using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum along with a variety of other sensory-motor based teaching methods, tools, and strategies
  • Interactive Metronome


Physical therapy services offered at Achieve include treatment to address:


  • Rolling, crawling, walking
  • Adaptive play, balance, coordination
  • Strength, flexibility, range of motion
  • Overall gross motor skills


Thank you for sharing your children with us. We are truly blessed.


Sally Pidge

Director of Achieve Therapy Services


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