Your tips have helped us be more patient while she plays with her food. It has also given us incentive to challenge her eating and it is working! She has eaten a banana, a couple of #3 foods, macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes she makes a face when she tries it but goes back for another bite. I think we are on the verge of some major changes. She will be eating like a toddler and talking more before we know it! Thanks again!


Our OT has helped our son with his fine motor skills as well as his sensory integration disorder. She really has gotten great results from her hands-on approach when working with our son. We are very lucky to have such a great therapist! Now Achieve has speech and occupational therapy in one location which is very convenient for our family.

We have a son who is going to be 4 yrs old. A year ago he only could say "me....for MILK"...da for DADDY...ma for MOMMY"......1 year later he has increased verbally to 5 sentence descriptions of things....."horses eat grass...then they sleep..and walk in the farm...and play with other horses...until nightime"..It may sound simple but it’s quite a milestone Go into Achieve with your child, sit in the back and stay quiet!. Watch and learn from them, then repeat the lesson all day....and the next! Special needs children are the greatest challenge in life...climbing mountains is nothing compared to the commitment you must make. Sally has seen children of all challenges and she KNOWS the way to success. It may not happen right away.....for us looking back on a year ago....we were stranded with a non talking child. You will take baby steps at first...they might seem silly...but Sally's way will work. You will see positive results..and it takes time and effort. Do what they do….then do it again...and again. My son told me last night......."I want a Dora Adventure Pack".......................in a year.......SALLY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!... "Happy" is the first word our daughter said at 3 1/2 years old. Happy and lucky is how we feel about finding Achieve Therapy Services!

The Rudisill Family

Achieve Therapy has been a wonderful experience for our son, Payton. The clinic provides a warm and caring atmosphere that children of all ages can feel welcome and encouraged. Sally Pidge offers a professional and respectful clinic that as a family, we are proud to be a part of. Payton’s therapist is Rachel Shue. She has become a part of our family. Payton adores her and her enthusiasm. She exudes excellence in her field and helps Payton reach his goals in a fun, yet rewarding way that will help make his future brighter and more successful. We are so grateful for Achieve Therapy Services!


At 18 months, our son did not talk. After three months with another speech therapist, he still did not talk. Sally was the answer to our prayers. After much patience by Sally, our son began to talk. Sally and my son have achieved every goal Sally has set for him.Sally and her team of therapists are hands-on, child-focused professionals who work with the children, parents, and teachers to achieve the goals set for each child. The achievement of goals is met when everyone is working together. Everyone has a role to support in that child's development. We could not have a better team of therapists to support our son.

The Nobles Family

We were truly blessed to find Sally and Achieve Therapy Services. My son was 3 years old and not speaking except in unintelligible sounds. Sally worked with him using patience and determination for 4 years and he is now a happy 11 year old who speaks perfectly! We owe his life as it is today to Sally's expertise. Not only did she teach him how to speak almost one sound at a time but she provided us with the initial diagnosis that he was showing signs of Dyspraxia. The diagnosis was later confirmed by his pediatrician and specialist. This early diagnosis allowed us to get my son the proper therapy in other areas and although he still has many challenges ahead due to the overall Dyspraxic disorder he is a outgoing and successful 5th grader. Thank You So Much Sally! You are a gift from heaven."

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